Did Photographers Spy a Supercharged Dodge Challenger?

Big time muscle is back in the American car industry. Not that it really ever left, but there are some models out there that are now boast the highest power numbers ever. Of course, that’s the competition. Dodge isn’t about to let them have all the fun. That’s why it’s stepped up and will produce a supercharged Dodge Challenger, which many believe was caught testing recently.

While it has a non-production exhaust system that would lead the most ardent of fans to say it might just be an SRT8 model, Ray Brandt Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram says take a closer look. The Challenger has brake rotors that are cross-drilled, not slotted like SRT8 models. Also, the front end was covered in matting, meaning there could be some differences there, like new air inlets to power the potent power plant.

Speaking of the engine, the supercharged Challenger is expected to use the new “Hellcat” engine. It’s a 6.2-liter V-8 that can pump out 640 horsepower. It’s like, and compact and will probably be made with the HEMI V-8 engines that are available on all new Dodge models. It should be plenty to rival the competition, and probably win a few head-to-head battles, too.

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