Can You Trade In a Financed Car?

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Can you trade in a financed car? While the simple answer is yes, the process can be a bit foreign to Marrero drivers. There are a few stipulations to keep in mind if you want to go about trading in a financed car. One of the most important things to note is that you must pay off the remaining balance of your current car loan; trading in a financed car does not eliminate your car debt. 

Another budget-friendly option to consider is to trade in a financed car for lease. Trading in a financed car while you are currently making payments or to pursue a lease can involve steps like rolling over a car loan. So, Ray Brandt Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, has put together a guide to help you find the answer to the question, “How does trading in a financed car work?” 

How Does Trading In a Financed Car Work?

Now that you know you can trade in a financed car, how does trading in a financed car actually work? If the remaining amount you owe is less than what your vehicle is worth, trading in a financed car can be a smooth transition. 

Here’s an easy way to look at it: imagine you owe $9,000 on a car, and the dealership offers you $10,000 for it, your car debt would be paid off and the remaining $1,000 would be put towards your next purchase. If you have your eye on one of our exciting new models, using our trade-in value tool is a great way to see if you could come out ahead while trading in a financed car. If you want to trade in a financed car for a lease, we offer competitive lease rates on tons of models. 

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What Does it Mean to “Roll Over” a Loan? 

If you are working with a dealer who is willing to ‘roll over a loan’ this means they are willing to pay off the remainder of your old loan. However, that amount will be tacked on to the price of your new vehicle. So you will eventually end up paying the dealership back in the long run, but this can be a great way to hit the Gretna streets in your dream car. 

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If you are ready to pursue an advantageous trade-in near New Orleans, contact us today! Our finance team will help you get the best deal possible no matter what purchase method you prefer. If you are considering trading in a financed car for a lease, we can help you decide if it is best for you to buy or lease. Visit us at Ray Brandt Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram for all of your automotive needs and questions, like if we buy cars!

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