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Advanced Truck Technology from Ram

The Ram brand has been one that offers you the capability you need and the features that make a lot of sense for you to have a truck that can get a lot of work done.  When you’re looking for a great way to secure a Ram 1500 lease and enjoy the power and the performance of this incredible truck on the roads in Kenner, LA, you need to find the right trim level to help you get the job done at the job sites in your area.

Experts to Help You with the Right Truck

There are several different configurations that you can choose from when you want the right Ram 1500 to drive.  In order to understand which one of the trims and packages is right for you, you’ll need to see the team at Ray Brandt Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram where you’ll find an amazing selection of trucks to choose from.  When you do, you’ll find out that this truck is attractive, capable, and comfortable to give you the perfect drive around town and at the job site where you need to get work done.

A Brand New Model

The 2019 version of the Ram 1500 is new from the ground up.  This makes it easy to find a lease program that you can secure for the drive you want to experience on the roads near Kenner, LA.  This truck has an all-new frame and body, a redesigned exterior, a roomier interior that has near-luxury features, an upgraded suspension, new technology, a 12-inch infotainment screen, and an incredible new powertrain.  The new power system is called the eTorque system which offers you a power boost when it’s time to get ready to haul a load.

You’ll find even more to love when you explore the RAM 1500 changes for 2020.

More About the eTorque System

Called a mild-hybrid system, the eTorque system is capable of improving the fuel mileage you receive in the Ram 1500 by 2-3 mpg without giving up any of the performance that you enjoy.  This system is designed to keep the powertrain performing smoothly during your drive, including during the shifts made of the transmission.  You’ll enjoy the added acceleration when you take off from a stop and when you need to haul a trailer behind you in this impressive truck.  This is just one way that the Ram 1500 has become the right truck for you to drive.

It’s Time to Learn More

In order to learn all you need to about the Ram 1500, you need to see the team at Ray Brandt Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram today.  This is the dealership where you’ll learn everything you can about this new truck and find the lease programs that will make it much easier for you to have the drive you’re looking for in the Kenner, LA area.  Think about what you need a truck to do and then think about what you want it to do.  The Ram 1500 can get everything done for you.

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